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Brooklyn-based Electronic producer Conrad Clifton shares female-inspired ‘Hunter Gather-Her’: Listen
Conrad Clifton


Honestly, praising women shouldn’t ever go out of style—whether we are related to them or not.

Conrad Clifton
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Conrad Clifton, an Electronic record producer in Brooklyn, New York, recently shared a female-inspired track called, ‘Hunter Gather-Her’. Implementing an audio sample which seems to feature the sycophancy words spoken by an African man, he opens the heavy artillery that is the record. Then, alas, drums and bass enter the room, which matches the high-vibration of each celebratory scene in the cult-classic movie, ‘Coming to America’.

And in proper male-ally fashion, the record ends off with the following spoken words: It’s African tradition that men are not allowed to crush and dominate the woman. Never.


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