A&R Feedback: Conor Maynard – Nothing But You

I think Conor Maynard has the potential to become a Sunday breakfast vibe.

Greetings from my kitchen! It is a beautiful Sunday. The sun is shining, and I am cooking an excellent breakfast. Let me paint the picture for you, a skillet, garlic and herb sausage, lean turkey bacon, red tomatoes, onions, orange peppers, baby Bella mushrooms, carrots, and egg whites. I checked out Conor Maynard’s song ‘Nothing But You’ while sautéing my vegetables. In the video, that is available on YouTube, he performed alongside an electrical guitar plucked by Ross Chapman. Now, if you can relate, I enjoy some vibes with my breakfast and tea. The song played in the background as I cooked my breakfast, sat, and enjoyed it.

I think Conor Maynard has the potential to become a Sunday breakfast vibe. I heard him in the background as I added in my egg whites to my vegetables, but he did not grab my attention. The guitar was more memorable than his voice. Live performances are always judgment day for artists. Back when Unplugged came on MTV, artists, especially singers, would perform their songs and give the audience a new spin on their songs. That was when the energy used to feel like a seductive dance between the singer and the instruments. When you read write-ups, and summaries about those performances, you saw mentions of artists rearranging their songs, artists “accompanied” by bands, even artists giving a new life to their songs. Connor Maynard’s performance did not give me that. It was as if he was recording himself while recording the song. Live performances are supposed to show off your personality and swag. That is a singer’s chance to show the people what they truly are working with—the perfect place to silence the haters.

Written by Manny King John

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