Listen to UK Grime rapper Confz’s remake of Wyclef’s 2000 hit ‘911 Remix’ featuring R-FN

London rapper Confz shares his song ‘911 Remix’ featuring R-FN. This is an exciting display of lyrical ability from Confz, as he brings to life relatable moments in our mind. It’s easy to see that he is grateful for the things in his life, and his perspective. In that gratitude, however, he still has some concerns that weigh heavily on him. With an understanding of self and his trajectory, these concerns are a reminder that everything isn’t always easy going. He battles with many dark moments, but he seems to have found a perspective that helps balance him out. R-FN joins in at the end with contrasting, unique vocals with an encouraging message of resilience. Confz is an impressive artist, and we look forward to seeing his continued growth.

Written by Manny King John

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