Watch Computer Jay’s new video for ‘Hardships’ featuring Orfeo

“Remember how the faces on the Jetson’s robots looked when they would freak out? That’s what I want it’s face to be.”

Jason Taylor has been working on his robotic partner in musical madness for as long as I’ve known him. ¬†From the humble beginnings of stoned drawings of paper bags and Mac’s Speak program to building his own sidekick, Taylor has maintained a singular vision of what his Computer Jay project was to become. ¬†With the debut of his video for ‘Hardships’, Computer Jay takes another step closer to fully realizing this vision. ¬†Beautifully shot in Joshua Tree, and featuring guest appearances from¬†Los Angeles musicians¬†Gaslamp Killer, Daedalus, Subtitle, as well as, Tofer Chin’s one of a kind Stalagmite Sculptures,¬†the video for “Hardships” is as spaced out and dreamy as the song itself. ¬†Constructed from his expansive collection of vintage keyboards and custom made hybrid pieces such as Moog-adore 2600, Computer Jay’s sound is at once nostalgic and futuristic. Not unlike the Jetson’s themselves.

‘Hardships’ is the first single off the¬†Savage Planet Discotheque Vol 2¬†EP, to be released this Spring on Weird Science /¬†Pugilista Trading Co¬†Vol 1 in the series is¬†available now.


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