Common Details The Making Of “The Light” (Magnus Opus Documentary)

Arguably, people often have debates on how valuable a song may be. With music in general, rightfully so, people have their own opinion on whether or not a song is considered a “classic”. There are plenty of elements and key components on what makes a song classic. The only problem is, that they’re hard to identify. Though it may be hard to identify those exact quantitative and qualitative elements, fans of any genre of music knows what a “classic” is once hearing a certain song. With “classics”, songs of these kind definitely have played a key role in our lives and society.


Not too long ago, Complex Magazine released a web series called Magnum Opus, that features short documentaries on musical masterpieces from the past. The latest release from the series, went behind the scenes and showed the making of Common’s eccentric hit, “The Light”. Throughout this episode, Common along with others, including: Erykah Badu, Bobby Caldwell and video director Nzingha Stewart shared their memories and provide in-depth details on this timeless song.

Common shared his memories on growing up in Chicago, his growth as an artist and how he met well-known producer J Dilla who went on to produce “The Light” and other songs later in Common’s career. Speaking of production, this episode was quite essential, when Complex interviewed Bobby Caldwell about his original song being sampled. Caldwell gave high praises to Common on the overall turnout of the song. With a beautiful song of this matter, it was quite amazing on how this song was well composed and along with that the music video for this hit was ahead of its time. This short documentary also revealed on how Ms. Badu was involved and how she became the centerpiece of the music video. To know how our favorite songs of the past were made and to know how impactful they could become for the future is extremely wonderful. Overall, this episode was great and definitely worth checking out.

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