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Toronto duo Command Sisters talk about releasing music on a major label during the pandemic (Interview)

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Justin Bieber and Drake are from Canada; now, you can add the Command Sisters to your list. With a black and white theme and a pop of red, it’s kind of hard not to notice the fierce duo. With hits like ‘I Can Do What I Want’ and ‘Rain On My Parade’, it’s no surprise the group’s career is taking off. Yet this success was not overnight; the two have been working hard for more than ten years. Get familiar with this fun group and the scoop on what has kept these two together in this article on GRUNGECAKE.

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

GRUNGECAKE: Let’s start with how you start your day. How do the Command Sisters like their Starbucks?

Sarah: I always go for a Venti Cappuccino with cinnamon on top. I can have four of those in a day. Charlotte, on the other hand, drinks 0 coffee… I don’t know how she is existing.

GRUNGECAKE: Since your 2020 release, ‘I Can Do What I Want’, how have your careers taken off?

We released music with Universal Records/Republic Records during the pandemic. We had release plans, prior to even knowing COVID was a thing, including plans to tour. It has been interesting navigating how to promote our music during this time, but social media and connecting with our fans online has been surprisingly creative and fun. It shows that you can do a lot, yourself, in your room and can still touch people.

GRUNGECAKE: I love the consistent red, black and white brand you carry, from the hair to the outfits and even your lipstick; what made you choose these colours and what message you want your fans to know?

Thank you! It was by random, actually. We put on an all red suit one time at The Juno Awards in Canada. Nobody knew who we were, and we had all of these media come up to us asking to interview us and “fans” wanting our signature, even though, we had no music out. It was mind-blowing. Since then, we realized red was a “commanding” colour (no pun intended)—so, we decided to dive into the psychology of the colour red. And since then, we never looked back! (Plus, it’s super easy to style two people together when you only have one colour and two shades…)

GRUNGECAKE: You share with your fans your gratitude because of all the hard work you put in to get where you are in your music career now. Can you share some of the odd jobs you had to work in the past on your pursuit of a music career?

I love this question. Odd jobs on the side of music have been: mascot at a hockey game, server at a retirement home, worker at a lighting store, janitor at a gym… multiple retail jobs… the list goes on and on haha. We aren’t afraid to talk about this kind of stuff though because I feel like if anything our fans can relate. You have to hustle to get anywhere in this world and sometimes that includes grinding it out to make ends meet. And that’s ok! It keeps you humble.

GRUNGECAKE: What is the secret to keeping the band together after all these years?

As sisters, we’ve always had this special bond where if we fight… we’re hugging it out and over it the next day. We don’t hold grudges, yet we feel comfortable to say how we feel in the moment. I think that’s important for any relationship, whether that’s business or personal.

GRUNGECAKE: How would you describe your clothing brand, and who do you see sporting your gear?

Sassy, comfortable, and futuristic. Our recent clothing line launch is a collaboration with Toronto’s ucx_/urbancoolabx, the world’s first artificial intelligence fashion designer.

The clothing is fun, sporty, and comfortable—all things that we love and wear on a daily basis. (Especially, during COVID, when most things are closed in Canada.) It’s cute with an edge, but also super unique since it’s designed by AI. We’re excited to see how technology will influence more creative endeavours in the future!

GRUNGECAKE: Anything you want to tell your fans?

It’s okay if you’re feeling down during this time. The pandemic has been hard for a lot of us and we’re in a weird mood as well. Stay positive, look after yourself, and look forward to brighter days. We got this!

Written by Manny King John

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