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#5NewTracks to get you through the week (Colin Magalong, Flagship)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Mike Rogers, Colin Magalong, Flagship and more.

Colin Magalong
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mike Rogers – What Should I Do featuring Abee (Submission)

“Is there a potion that I can take to bring this to an end?” Late last year, I felt what Abee sings about in ‘What Should I Do’. I didn’t want to take anything to numb the pain. Being in any relationship that extracts heavy emotions are difficult to separate from when you are in love. It is harder when you are in a serious relationship. If you’re normal, people who make an impact in your life aren’t easy to forget. Honestly, since the breakup, I think about him often. Ending our relationship doesn’t mean that I didn’t love him. We were not in the same place, mentally and spiritually. There are things that he suddenly wanted to do with his life. If I didn’t want to compromise on the number of children, when we had them or his religion lifestyle, it was going to be a problem. Instead of creating additional stress for my fiance and making him feel like he had to change who he is, I lightened the load. I cared for him a lot, so it hurt. However, I think it was necessary. To answer the question in the hook, I think giving yourself to heal is the healthiest answer.

ChampionsLeak – HappySadSong featuring SYMON (Submission)

“I’m happy for you, but it’s killing me.” Have you ever felt like those words are the sentiment of your friends’ congratulatory systems? I could count the number of people who are genuinely happy for me on both hands, but it is not who you would expect. As far as the topic of the song goes, I am unsure that I would be unhappy with any of my previous exes moving on. I will not say that I am incapable of being jealous—everything is situational, to me—but I haven’t felt that way in the past.

Matt Shill – Seasons (Submission)

It seems all songs are about breakups this morning. Is it because of the [promised] warm weather upon us? Who knows? You know, I am unsure how it is in other countries, but petty Americans want to be single when it is warm out. As an American-born woman with plenty of male friends, I can say this: Americans have the fear of missing out. How does it correlate to warm weather? Instead of being tied up in a relationship, we want to be free to weigh our options of Summertime lovers. Matt Shill sounds like he is totally over whomever the person is. A second chance at love with him doesn’t seem to be a reality. It’s the end of the line for them.

MANANA – Think About You (Submission)

Speaking of warm weather, MANANA’s smooth ‘Think About You’ makes me think about the new love you’ve met at the carnival, after you’ve broken up with your clingy pastime. It is the first time I’ve received music from Swaziland. It’s remarkable to hear how music brings us together. I have yet to travel to South Africa, but I feel like I’m there now. It doesn’t feel different from home. Now, let’s find the other individual who will make us feel as good as the bassline in this record.

Colin Magalong – Melo (Submission)

It has been some months since the fling begun. You’re into significant other. You don’t want it to ever end. That’s what ‘Melo’ by the Los Angeles singer-songwriter sounds like. To add to his case, check out the Lenno remake of the first track, ‘Blossom’. There are levels to love.

Rameses B – Twilight Zone featuring Laura Brehm (Submission) (Bonus)

It’s time to lighten the mood with ‘Twilight Zone’. The complex beat features vocals by a young multigenre singer named Laura Brehm, who is the Founder of Electric Bird Records.

Flagship – The Ladder (Submission) (Bonus)

How could you not imagine yourself in a drop top convertible riding across statelines with the one you love? ‘The Ladder’ makes me miss my childhood and the trips my mother and I would take South. When my father lived in Georgia, she would take me to see him. She is a huge fan of music with vocal clarity and high-energy. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to drive her around South Lake Tahoe with the Flagship on.

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