5@5: A morning playlist featuring Coco Reilly, Quinn Lewis, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Coco Reilly, Quinn Lewis, Goldsmoke, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Coco Reilly – Define You (Submission)

If there were a collection of songs I’d listen every Sunday morning, ‘Define You’ by Coco Reilly is atop the list. I am lying down on a blanket. There is a ceiling fan. It is blowing hot air, but I don’t mind. I am still, so I’m not sweating much. It’s my way of pretending to be at a sauna, but I am far too busy to make it to one. The sounds at the end remind me of buzzing flies—significant to warm weather and annoyance. As far as becoming a distraction for someone goes, it is unadvised. Nonetheless, it is normal.

In the song, Coco Reilly suggested that the person leave her if she becomes that to another individual. I think two things of the following statement. Either she is like me, not wanting to be in the way of anyone’s glory or she is playing a trick. I don’t know how she feels, but I would hope that the person and I could remain cordial and friendly, so when we both get to where we want to be, we could realign. It almost never works out that way, though. Regardless, the record is beautiful. I could listen to it over and over again!

Plus, Psych Rock/Dream Pop are my favourite versions of each musical style. The Nashville, Tennesse musician stated the following about the release:

“’Define You’ started as a song for someone else and then halfway through I decided to write it for myself. I thought, ‘What kind of love song could someone write for me that would really sweep me off my feet?” After experiencing a relationship that contained strong elements of insecurity and jealousy, I was pretty burned out and it made me think: How do I avoid this going forward? What can I learn from it, and how do I make sure I keep my own emotions in check so I never make anyone else feel that way?’ I had been trying to cook this complex concept in my head into a simple message that served as a baseline of how I would want to be treated and how I intend to treat someone else. The music in the song matches how I think love should feel. Happy, warm, easy-going and free.

Hear ‘Define You’ below.

Quinn Lewis – Weekend Luv (Submission)

Is this on the radio right now? If it isn’t, it should be. ‘Weekend Luv’ by Australian-native singer-songwriter Quinn Lewis is a catchy Pop song with EDM elements that aren’t stale. I’ve listened to several styles of EDM. You’d think there wouldn’t be any more ways to be creative, but there is. The producer shows that.

I didn’t know there was a difference between weekday love and weekend love. However, based on Quinn Lewis’ song, it seems there is. Apparently, it is a watered down version of courting and lovemaking. Lewis, I’m unsure what inspired the songwriting, but we have to make sure such things do not repeat itself.

I wouldn’t mind waking up with this song on the radio. It inspires the movement for the day. Listen to the Nashville, Tennesse-based singer’s new song ‘Weekend Luv’ below.

CUTTS – The Way Out (Submission)

Personally, I couldn’t see myself wanting to hear ‘The Way Out’ outside of the morning time. It doesn’t have the sonic energy to encourage you to catapult into your day. However, I imagine it would be relaxing enough for your transition from sleep to shower time. When reading a quote about the music, I learned that the song came about from them being tired, funnily enough.

“We were both so tired. Neither of us really thought we had the energy to write a song,” says Bonaventure.

Stream ‘The Way Out’ to see what we mean.

Goldsmoke – Cold Call Lover (Submission)

Are you familiar with Dâm-Funk? I imagine these guys opening for the Modern Funk genius on a big stage. The funky bass, et al, takes me back to when I stayed in California for long periods of time. Everything about the North London duo’s vocals and production will make you want to take the world on with full force! Aside from its outstsnding musicality, can we talk about the severity of a cold call lover? What does it actually mean? Is it coequal to the idea of someone who is emotionless when they’re with you? It’s just another ‘thing’ for them to do, perhaps. Meaningless at the centre of it all? Maybe. Stream the amazing new record below to come to your conclusion. It is from the group’s debut EP: Late Intervenions.

DR FADEAWAY – Breathing Room (Submission)

Dissonace does make a sweet sound, depending on who you are. In the case of the Los Angeles-based band, I think their distinct dreamy brand of Indie Pop is what will set them apart from their competitors. There wasn’t much provided about DR FADEAWAY when it was submitted, but based on the vocals alone—there are some drags that slightly remind me of Kurt Cobain’s classic singing style in ‘All Apologies’. Hear the fine Alt-Rock track below.

Markus Cole – Our Secret Place (Submission) (Bonus)

Sounding like a beautiful lullaby or the vocal cousin to The Dream, Canadian singer Markus Cole sings about privacy and being alone with his lover on ‘Our Secret Place’. It is a beautiful thing to be in love. You want to hear from that person every day—especially in the morning—before you start your day. It lets us know that they also care. Personally, I am looking forward to hearing more from the recording artist. He has one of those voices that could sound great, singing just about anything.