Listen to mysterious Houston-based producer circa30hz’s latest instrumentals ‘148’ and ‘Y-Factor’


Since the quarantine kicked off, everyone has been on social media. From going live with celebrities to have a word, freestyle, or play music for them, to deep discussions about mental health and self-care during a pandemic, creative people have found ways to cope and pass the time. Over the weekend, I went live from my personal Instagram to play music submissions. circa30hz, not sure how he found me, shared that he wanted to send his work. I replied and told him how to get his music to me, and he sent over two tracks ‘148’ and ‘Y-Factor’, which uses recognisable Lauryn Hill vocals in a way that would make an eager Hip-Hop beat head want to bop his/her head all night long.

If you’re a fan of Gonajsufi or Gaslamp Killer, you might appreciate what circa30hz is expressing himself. Stream both tracks ‘148’ and ‘Y-Factor’ below to add some Instrumental Hip-Hop to your workday.