Cicret Bracelet Review

Image: Cicret
Image: Cicret
Image: Cicret

With 2015 being amongst us, some are still waiting for hover boards and time machines to be made available at their nearest Best Buy but the expectations of the tech heads out there should not worry for there is a bracelet that will keep them occupied until then. The Cicret Bracelet is quite unique and shows the promising future of technological accessories for the wrist. It’s not a watch, it’s actually a tablet. How can a tablet fit around your wrist? Well the smart ones at the French tech company Cicret, were able to develop this accessory where anybody could perform regular tasks simply with a slight shake of the wrist.

The bracelet uses eight sensors and has a micro-projector that projects the images from the operating system. The sensors allows users to use their wrist as the main surface giving them the freedom to play games, check e-mails or take notes simply with a tap of their finger. This work of wonders is still in the working prototype phase but be sure to look out for it, within the next year or so.

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