Bay Area rapper Choppa Rich brings it back to the streets with ‘Change You’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

My vibe lately has been very Pop. I recently watched Spice Girls’ 2019 concert ‘Spice World’, and I have been enjoying Dua Lipa. Choppa Rich has something that made me put my 90s nostalgia aside and pick up my ski mask. ‘Change You’ by Choppa Rich is goon music for the Summer. If you are looking for something to ride to, check out ‘Change You’. What I found interesting about this song is the slang I heard that sounded familiar to me. I bring it up because Choppa Rich is from the Bay Area in California, but I am from Maryland, the DMV, to be exact. If you do not know where that is, it is the metropolitan area that includes Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you follow Twitter or have a Tik Tok, you have seen the word “glizzy”. Glizzy is what we refer to as hot dogs and guns; it also can be the name of rappers in the area, ie, Shy Glizzy and Glizzy Gang. Another word that is native to my neighborhood is “loafin’.” “Loafin'” can mean different things. For example, someone is not taking a situation seriously, or they are lazy to the point, they miss an opportunity, and it can mean they were ill-prepared at the moment; bullshittin’. I wonder if Choppa Rich is hip, but either way, I enjoyed hearing those familiar terms.

Written by Manny King John

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