Song of the Day: ‘Do It Alone’ by Chlöe Howl

It’s National ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’, too, so why not?

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

It’s National ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’, too, so why not?


Name: Chlöe Howl
Representing: United Kingdom
Genre: Pop Rock, Electropop
For fans of: N/A
Single from: N/A
Produced by: N/A
Song of the Day: January 14, 2017
Label(s): Sony Music/Columbia Records/Heavenly Songs

Chlöe Howl
Photo: Tom Martin

Have you ever been in love with someone but you were in a relationship? Flirting a little bit too hard with a co-worker or neighbour, giving an extra smile or giggle everytime you see them and tell a silly joke. You become close, so you start telling them about everything going on in your current relationship while falling deeper and deeper in love with every reaction they give. You tell them that the walls are closing in on you. They tell you that you deserve better and in your heart, you agree and hope that they are telling you that you deserve them.

Now in your head, the thoughts of escaping your current situation have become more and more like reality. Plotting and planning how you could make it all work. You have lately been spending a lot of time together, dinners, movies, clubs, parks, and long phone conversations, even the occasional picture texts. Now, when you picture the perfect person they are exactly who you see. Mind, body, and soul, but your head is all messed up. You know that you still have the love for your partner but feel like it will never work. A dead-end situation, because in your head you have tried it and wanted everything to work out, but in your heart, you have moved on months ago, to your new love.

After many long nights of making your time theirs, you tell them that you want to leave your partner for them. They look at you with a confused look and say “If you want to break their heart, I won’t commit the crime, do it alone” Similiar words spoken in Chlöe Howl’s beautifully written and sang song, Do It Alone, as she explores this topic of a man being in love with her and trying to use her as an excuse to leave the woman he is currently with. She quickly corrects him and lets him know that she will not be the reason he leaves his current relationship and to get to be a man on his own, without her.

This song I know many can relate to, whether it’s because you were the one wanting to leave your relationship, or the person someone wanted to leave their relationship for, or even the person who was left. I feel like this has happened to all of us, some with good outcomes and others with dangerous ones, but that’s life and love I guess. In the end, I believe we should all be with someone who makes us happy 24 hours a day no matter how you met or lived before. We all deserve happiness. Chlöe Howl’s new song “Do It Alone” made me feel some kind of way. I’m gonna go hug my work wife really tight!

Written by Manny King John


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