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Review: All is right with duo Chloe x Halle, more than all right

This R&B sister-duo is about speaking their mind.

Chloe x Halle's cover art for 'The Kids Are Alright'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

This R&B sister-duo is about speaking their mind. This includes everything from the motivational pump up don’t judge me ‘Kids Are Alright’ (and title of their dynamic debut album), to calling people out on their fakeness. This is showcased, along with nice vocal ranges, in the song ‘Fake’. Suffice to say, we like the “realness” factor. The pair feature song subjects dealing with real-life ups and downs; what we all face on a regular basis, to love, money, and insecurities: “You can try to point out all my flaws That’s okay cause I still love ’em all”. They cover it all, leaving it in the music. The sultry tone in which they sing the song ‘Down’ surprisingly contradicts the lyrics. Life can sometimes be too much, giving us anxiety. It can get the best of us; thus, we need downtime, some breathers. Their sound mixes well with the subject matter. Were they going for ironic? Not sure, but it’s clever and works! Chloe x Halle’s songwriting has a ‘get-up and go’ drive to it. “take the world by storm”, stay true to yourself feel in many of the songs featured on this album. ‘Grown (from Grown-ish)’, ‘Baptize’, and ‘Galaxy’ all have this air to them. “Dunk me underwater, I come out the same I won’t change for you, I won’t change for you no”; good message.

This album, consisting of eighteen tracks has all sorts of life themes, complete with showing off their vocal abilities and diverse sound. It’s done with swag and in good taste. If you’re a fan of Beyoncé, you will certainly love them; even if you’re not, they deserve your ear. These ladies are about saying something legit. To tell you the truth (because we aren’t about the fake stuff), it’s relatable: people should take a listen. Good things are happening here.

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