Stream Chippy Nonstop’s new single ‘Bubble Up’

Photo: Katrin Braga
Chippy Nonstop
Photo: Katrin Braga

Chippy Nonstop has been through a lot recently. Early 2015, the ‘Kicked Out Da Club’ singer was deported. After touring in Asia, she was refused by Homeland Security. Apparently, the government officials told Chippy Nonstop that she could not enter America again because of a visa issue. Aside from all of the craziness and despair, Chippy Nonstop, the young recording artist released a new song called ‘Bubble Up’ today. Ironically, something similar happened to me this week.

On September 20, I landed in Jamaica (Caribbean Island) without luggage. I didn’t put an address on the customs form. As a result, I wasn’t allowed to leave the airport. They took my US passport. I ended up sleeping in a cold white room in the airport until the next day. One of the employees (or marine police) woke me up around 4:30 AM.

An hour after I was denied a full flight back to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport. Then, two airport personnel escorted me to an America Airlines aircraft. Miami was the next stop. Nearly four hundred dollars went down the drain because I missed my direct return flight from Jamaica; almost $240 joined the travel bill. When I got to Miami, the pilot (finally) gave my passport back to me. Treated like a career criminal the entire time that I was in transit, starting at the home base, the Miami PD pulled me to the side. Again, I was “randomly” selected for search, questioning, and scrutiny. We sat in a room with many chairs. A short Latin woman with an attitude asked for bag tags and swatted off any questions any of the “prisoners” had.

Seriously, enough about me and my weird life, stream the new single for the so-called hipster party rapper. If you know me, and you’ve met my sister, you know about the Bollywood affinity we both share: My big sister watches Bollywood movies all the time. She reads the blogs, and she follows every move of every actor and actress. I’m in love with ‘Devdas’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’, and many other films. I wrote about Devdas in my first print magazine. I loved it that much. (At least Chippy had soup and water. I didn’t get anything to eat or drink. Nor was I given a phone call.)

Written by Richardine Bartee

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