7@7: An evening playlist featuring Cherophobiac, Binky, and more

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Cherophobiac, Binky, Shira, The Moor, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Cherophobiac – Leukemia (Submission)

How heavy is it when you find out that you have to have surgery for something? Very heavy. Unfortunately, the older you become you start to understand what hereditary flaws you’ve inherited. Then, you’re left to face those issues, sometimes, often, alone. As the singer sings in the lyrics of the song, things are out of your control. I think it is when you start to think about your mortality, the inevitable. Art is powerful when able to evoke these types of thoughts. Sickness, recovery, and death are parts of the human life. Without further ado, stream ‘Leukemia’. It’s the latest single from New York City musician Cherophobiac’s new album: Surgery.

R-Wan – Take Me Away featuring Mike Jay (Submission)

Like we say in the hip ghettos of North America, if you’re looking for a bop, R-Wan has got you covered. Stream ‘Take Me Away’ featuring Mike Jay now below.

Deorro & SCNDL – Sonar (Submission)

Excuse me. If you’re dancing to this, either your lower body parts are out of commission or you’re a hater. Give the Australian duo—Deorro & SCNDL—some love. Stream ‘Sonar’ below.

KLANGPLANET – Eternity (Submission)

No other thoughts come to mind except for the following: A large part of me wishes that I could dance to ‘Eternity’ for eternity. Finally, play the German producer’s fantastic new track below.

Bravestation – Deeper Than Oceans (Submission)

After your Deep House high made by KLANGPLANET, it’s alright to mellow out to the sounds of the Canadian Contemporary R&B recording artist, Bravestation. ‘Deeper Than Oceans’ is a track about love and finding your soulmate, but its tempo is smooth enough to send you to bed like a lullaby for a baby.

Binky – Jackie D (Submission)

I won’t fib. I wasn’t sure if I had read the geographic location incorrectly, or if my eyes were finally starting to fail me, but a British artist named Binky made a song called, ‘Jackie D’; it sounds like something the state of Nashville, Tennesse would get behind. It’s refreshing. Next, watch the colourful video below.

Shira, The Moor – NMLD (Submission)

One of my new favourite rappers, Shira, The Moor, just dropped a new track called, NMLD. Taking inspiration from Next Friday’s character, Baby Joker, he starts off the hook with the line ‘No more locked doors’. Honestly, when I first heard it, it made me laugh. Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing his full-length debut.

Libretto & BusCrates – Ain’t That Funky featuring Akela & Ray Fraizure (Submission)

If you’re in the mood to relax, play this old-school track on by Libretto & BusCrates. It features Akela and Red Ray Fraizure. I bet it is magnificent when performed live.

LiLa – 3Dots (Submission) (Bonus)

I love how the video for ‘3Dots’ came out. I like the rapper’s voice. I enjoyed the vocals on the hook, too. Also, the production is well-done. It’s one of the singles from their forthcoming Spring release: V.

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