Queens-native rapper Chello shares official video for ‘F*ck I Look Like’, a remake of the Sporty Thievz original

Chello revives a Sporty Thievz original: F*ck I Look Like.

Photo: Courtesy of Commission Music

About a month ago, Queens, New York-native recording artist Chello, whose signed to Commission Music, released the official audio for a record heavily-inspired by Yonkers rap group Sporty Thievz’s classic street anthem of the same name. Kicking off the first verse with ‘Fuck I look like/Paying for your surgery, so you can heal up, act cute, and start curving me/Can’t call you when I’m in a bind/Or life or death emergency, and if I go to jail tomorrow, I’m sure that you’re deserting me’, new listeners will learn that the artist is blunt, comedic, and lyrically-inclined.

This week, the musical artist shared the official video for the record. Watch the new video below now; if you like the song, check out more music by the Queens rapper through the following link.