Chance The Rapper Initiates Chicago’s 2nd Annual Anti-Violence Initiative

It’s a beautiful thing to see a generation of youth inspire communities, uplifting the rise of hope. Chicago is home to Chance The Rapper, and he respects the city that raised him. Just last month, the 2nd Annual Anti-Violence Initiative was held in Chicago. The event has taught many to fight battles with other outlets, beneficial to the future. Collaborating with fellow hometown creatives like Kanye West and Vic Mensa, uplifts a movement of positivity and growth. Coining hashtags like #SAVECHICAGO, #FAITHINACTION and #PUTTHEGUNSDOWN, led to a call to action.

Eliminating gun violence is key. Not only is this artist sparking change through music, but with philanthropy first. We are stronger together, and the mission will never fade. #NOMORE

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