5@5: A morning playlist featuring Cautious Clay, KLANGPLANET, and more

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Jack Shields, Cautious Clay, KLANGPLANET, and more.

Photo: Amos Adams

Errunhrd – Teleology (You Will Not) (Submission)

Would you wake up if Errunhrd’s “Teleology (You Will Not)” started to play in the morning? I would. The vocals cut deep enough for me to wake up. The ambient, synth-heavy track is a single from the well-rounded Canadian artist’s debut EP: I Liked You Better When You Were Mine.

Conspiracy Industries – Young Nutter (Submission)

I’m a fan of Dubstep, so it wouldn’t bother me if “Young Nutter” came on at five in the morning. Hopefully, it wouldn’t cause lateness, but I would dance to this track a few times before getting dressed. Stream British producer’s new track below.

Yaysh – Daep (Submission)

Breaking through with a title that translates from Vietnamese to beautiful in English, Pop/Hip-Hop artist Yaysh shares an uplifting bombastic track. “Daep” is a record that I’d add to the playlist I use when putting on daytime makeup. Check out the new track by the Denver-based artist.

Jack Shields – Five Star City (Submission)

I love this song so much! First of all, I cannot believe the Ridgefield, CT musician Jack Shields is only twenty-years-old. I think he will grow into something fantastic in the future.

Cautious Clay – Juliet & Caesar (Submission)

How beautiful are his voice and soul? It’s no wonder the Brooklyn-based recording artist appeared on an Apple Music’s Alternative chart. I’m looking forward to hearing more. Until then, stream “Juliet & Caesar.” It’s from his forthcoming EP titled, “Blood Type.” According to the information I received, Cautious Clay plays the saxophone on the track.

KLANGPLANET – Good (Submission) (Bonus)

Just as smooth as it needs to be, KLANGPLANET wants us to feel good. Who would mind waking up to the sounds of German-produced Deep-House? Not me!