Cardi B finally releases the highly-anticipated ‘Press’: Listen

At midnight, Bronx-native icon Cardi B released the highly-anticipated record, ‘Press’. The high-energy defensive tune was known for its simple infectious hook previewed via Instagram, which details how she will handle her opponents and haters. Furthermore, as a fan, it is important to state I am coming from a place of love and respect. Bear with me.

My expectations were high yet fair as I believe her first verse could have been as entertaining as the second. Also, I wanted more out of the beat.

For as long as I’ve been listening to Cardi B, she seems to say all of the right things in her songs, connecting with her fans and how we all feel. Above all, we’re looking forward to a music video; it wouldn’t hurt to have a high-quality version/mix of ‘Press’ since we waited all this time for it. Nonetheless, the Bronx rapper is so hot that her track is at the top of Apple Music Hip-Hop’s ‘A-List’ playlist. Check it out below, now.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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