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Review: Cardi B’s debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ is what we expected and more

Review: Cardi B’s debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ is what we expected and more

Cardi B's cover art for 'Invasion of Privacy'


After long anticipation from a plenitude of people, Cardi B has finally released her debut album. Ten months and three singles from the release of her first significant single ‘Bodak Yellow’, the Bronx-based rapper has swooned us all and became a hot household name.

Cardi B's cover art for 'Invasion of Privacy'

Possessing infectious energy along with a unique journey to stardom, it is no doubt that Cardi’s story is unprecedented. With a massive base of adherent fans in addition to a perpetually increasing fan base, the love for Cardi is indisputable. Before even being out for twenty-four hours, her album has already been deemed gold by the RIAA thanks to her single ‘Bartier Cardi’ featuring 21 Savage becoming certified platinum this week.

Succeeding months of the media trying to besmirch Cardi; as well as her current singles being overplayed and becoming tiringly ubiquitous, the album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ came to deliver precisely what we needed.

The thirteen track album is a delivery of the twenty-five-year-old artist’s unapologetic relinquishment. Coming through with energetically brazen and gleefully flagrant lyrics, Cardi exceeds all the expectations and then some. With in-your-face wordplay, the fiercely energetic project gives more insight to Cardi’s audacious and boss-like essence. Featured collaborations including Migos, Kehlani, YG and more help to intensify the fervency.

Starting off with ‘Get Up 10’, Cardi provides her testament to fame and power. Moving over to a more raunchy and jocular essence, the tracks ‘Drip’ featuring Migos and ‘Bickenhead’ are backed by sonorous instrumentals that can’t help but make you want to dance. On ‘Money Bag’ and ‘She Bad’ featuring YG, Cardi’s witty lyricism makes you love her even more.

It is true Cardi B nature to hold that valiant and zestfully brash presence, but songs ‘Thru Your Phone’ and ‘Ring’ featuring Kehlani, display the more vulnerable side. Staying true to her Carribean roots, Bad Bunny and J Balvin help Cardi switch up the vibe with Latin-rooted ‘I Like It’. Artists like SZA and Chance the Rapper steal some of the shine on songs ‘I Do’ and ‘Best Life’ but Cardi’s robust and distinctive flow never stands timidly.

For a debut, Cardi did her thing. She has been withholding a significant momentum and has us all under the impression that she is claiming whatever is next. Making her mark on the charts, it’s safe to say Cardi B is here to stay.

Stream Cardi B’s debut album: Invasion of Privacy now.

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