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Southern California’s first true cannabis coworking space disrupts cannabis industry

Photo: Courtesy of My Green Network

In April 2020, My Green Network (‘MyGN’) will launch a dynamic platform for the first, true cannabis coworking space to empower anyone from entrepreneurs to established enterprises across the United States easy access to America’s cannabis capital: California. MyGN penetrates the barriers-to-entry of the ultra-regulated cannabis industry’s by providing a home, a network, and compliance.

Photo: Courtesy of My Green Network

Discover How to Develop Your Cannabis Business with My Green Network:

The average cost to start a cannabis business is $750,000 with approximately 12+ months of lead time.

As a result:

Only the top 5% can afford market entry
Existing businesses can’t scale
Megacorporations are absorbing smaller companies
“MyGN was inspired by WeWork’s lifestyle-centric community and modern-day food and tech incubators to fix the cannabis industry.”- James Shih, Founder.

MyGN eliminates capital expenditure and development times by providing cost-effective solutions ensuring success for even non-cannabis businesses through:

Fully-equipped cannabis-compliant suites
An on-site marketplace for THC/CBD
Comprehensive support for compliance, distribution, and sales

How It Works:

Leaders. Empowering. Community. is the ethos of this company. Their members, known as “Green Leaders”:

(1) Will own their cannabis manufacturing license
(2) Can create any edible, topical, or beverage product
(3) Can package and sell all cannabis products
(4) Can sell throughout California

The global coworking trend influences every industry from tech companies to kitchen incubators. The benefits are undeniable: reduced overhead, collaborative environments, and simplified compliance for restricted industries like cannabis.

If other states follow California’s leading regulations allowing a “Type-S” License permitting cannabis coworking – this would advance the cannabis industry cementing the United States as a global leader in cannabis business, creativity, and equality.


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