What can be expected with Cam Newton returning to Carolina

Photo: Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton was and still is the most prolific player the city of Carolina has had since the Panthers franchise was born in 1995. Now at the age of 32, Cam Newton won’t be the “Superman” he once was back in 2015 when he won the NFL MVP award and led the Panthers to Superbowl 50. After not having the season he expected in New England last year, Cam is returning to Carolina as a humbled player looking to prove himself again.

In his time in New England, Cam threw for the lowest amount of Touchdowns(8) in his career, and the Patriots were mediocre at best with a 7-9 record. To be fair, Cam and the Patriots were looking quite formidable before Cam came down with COVID-19 in week 4. Dealing with the after-effects of COVID-19 and not having a preseason training camp because of joining the team late was too much to overcome for the former MVP.

Cam couldn’t find a job until ten weeks into the season, and it took for Sam Darnold to look god awful for that to happen finally. Now that he’s with his former team, healthy from COVID, and older in his career, it is safe to assume this will be his final opportunity at starting quarterback position in the National Football League if this doesn’t pan out.

Written by Manny King John

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