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Cam Jae releases visual for ‘Good Day’
Cam Jae



ome days are great, some days are just terrible, but Chicago’s Cam Jae, with the release of the visual for his single ‘Good Day’, looks to lead his days with positivity, and he wants you to as well! In fact, he himself has said, “I’m just trying to take everyone back to when we had no worries as kids and we just had fun… Everyone wants to enjoy themselves. I want my people to know it’s okay to have a ‘Good Day’ and they all deserve to experience that.” The song starts off pretty laid back, and melodic, telling Cam Jae’s perspective on the day. Though everything around isn’t perfect, there is still a sense of peace that he finds, counting the blessings of not living in the perceived nightmare of Chicago.

The song features, FBG Duck, who joins in to compliment Cam with his own story. The video is chill, a few women, FBG Duck and Cam just enjoying the day, dancing, counting money simply having a good time, which isn’t much to ask for but seems to be hard to find with all the worry and negativity that tends to show itself more often than not. The song does include a skit where Cam Jae is being motivated to smoke a bit, and come chill with the ladies, then leading to a transition in the beat and flow, with a darker perception of what his story has been. This song is definitely worth the listen, a great song to put listeners into perspective, realizing life isn’t as bad as it is often painted to be if we choose to look at the good in it.

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