Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Brooklyn-native musician BXHXLD realized ‘Kylie Was Right’


ometimes happiness can seem elusive; No matter how hard we try, nothing fills the void between our spine and breastplate. Or maybe we succeed in staking out a claim to some happiness, but as soon as we have it in our grasp, something comes by and snatches it up from us. BXHXLD channelled the frustration into his song, ‘Kylie Was Right’. The same way we cover up our inner turmoil with a smile on the beat, and this music video, has a deceptively pleasant feel to it.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

No dark colour scheme or moody background for this video. Instead, BXHXLD films most of it at the beach. It sends an important message that, sometimes, we struggle inside. Similarly, the song has an optimistic feeling to it, but the lyrics reveal the subtle underlying conflict. It’s almost impossible to listen to the whole song without wanting to dance. In fact, BXHXLD dances around on the beach and on a pier throughout the video, something only a happy person would do, right?

We face imagery of celebrities and trendsetters; masquerading as the epitome of happiness meanwhile, the reality is, they’re still humans, and they have to process the same emotions as we do, every day. Perhaps, we can be a little gentler on ourselves and each other. We aren’t as always okay as we claim to be, and we don’t have to act alright if we aren’t. Perhaps, having everything figured out isn’t necessary. Take a second and breathe.

Being honest with ourselves is healthy, but sometimes life asks you to put on a smile, even when your heart is heavy. Go ahead and take this moment to look within, and be honest. You loved that video, didn’t you? Yeah, me too!


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