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Premiere: BXHXLD parades through city streets in ‘Control’


BXHXLD is back with a new spunky visual for his new jam ‘Control’. Imprudently parading through the city streets, BXHXLD (pronounced Behold) sings and prances around as he bumps into random strangers, whispering in their ear, letting them know that ‘They are the ones in control.’ The carefree essence of this pop production transudes a chill, debonair, yet blithe core while a funky up-tempo makes you want to dance along.

What appears to be an impelling and truthful message to listeners, contrarily is what gets the actor’s in the video riled up. As jocund as he could be, BXHXLD cavorts his way in between multiple people’s conversations with his voracious news. It is not so much that the people are upset with him telling them the truth, but rather the situation they are in. As he goes from person to person with his words, a revelational new leaf turns as people react. As entertaining and exciting their response’s are, it raises the notion that we surely do have jurisdiction over our actions and are indeed the ones in control.

Before he had the stage name, embellished outfits, and Pop-Rock strut, the talented artist Tony Tulloch was working in banking while simultaneously chasing his music dreams. Engulfing himself in the New York City nightlife and selling beats paid off for the Brooklyn-native as he went on to write, produce, mix, and master his first project that mirrors the allotments of his life, birthing his new image. BXHXLD is all about the now and looking forward, that’s why his narrative reflects the life one builds for the future, but the need to chase the dangerous dreams of the present.

The video shows the eventual scene of BHXHLD shaking a random hand all while receiving a handful of vibrant fuschia balloons and dancing as the camera fades to black. This type of happy, insouciant, carefree vibes will get to you one way or another, and this track will get you going.

Written by Bree Ellis

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