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Buzzing rapper BVNGS’ versatility strikes again with ‘Wavical’: Watch

BVNGS wears many hats: rapper, singer, and storyteller are just a few of the ones on display on ‘Wavical’, her new 2020 single. BVNGS opens the year with a slow jam, one where she tells the story of the ages: a love that’s overcome trust issues and guarded hearts to blossom into a promising venture towards a full relationship.

“Real bitches fall in love too” — BVNGS doesn’t mince words about why she’s not quick to let just anyone in. Once she’s in, she’s all in, and not everyone deserves access to a love as intense and real as hers. Anyone who can rock cloud-shaped glasses that have dangling raindrop appliqués with a cloud-and-rainbows coat to match has got to protect their energy, as BVNGS does in the visual for ‘Wavical’.

The music video for ‘Wavical’ is really closer to a very short film. Opening with a poignant spoken-word piece performed by a young actress featured throughout the video, the scenes cut back and forth between her performing it and a young man getting dressed to attend the very same event she’s speaking at. As we watch BVNGS start to relay the initial difficulties between her and her love interest onstage, we also watch the young man connect with a woman in the audience at the event. BVNGS steals the show from there, appearing in a luxurious brown fur while the event’s audience and musicians double as a tough background of what viewers can assume is BVNGS’ friend group/posse. Just as BVNGS admits her love interest has made their mark and gotten her to open up, the young man and woman are shown leaving the event, seemingly ready to embark on a love journey of their own.

BVNGS smoothly narrated a story most of us know all too well, while easily flipping between giving us bars for the verses and vocals for the hook in a very Missy Elliott-esque show of talent. Watch BVNGS break it all down in ‘Wavical’ below.

‘Wavical’ is from her latest six-track project, ‘Lula’. Listen to it below.


Written by Manny King John


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