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Review: BVNGS gives us ‘7 Dutches & A Sweet Tea’ to start our Summer

It’s always exciting to hear a nicely equipped and euphonious project from an artist.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

BVNGS' cover art for 7 Dutches & A Sweet Tea
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

It’s always exciting to hear a nicely equipped and euphonious project from an artist. Nothing too drawn out or forced, but merely original and wooing. That’s how I feel about BVNGS’s new EP, ‘7 Dutches & A Sweet Tea’. After seeing the Upstate New-York rapper at the GRUNGECAKE’s SXSW showcase back in March, I had the chance to experience the raw talent the artist possesses. As fiery as her delivery was back then, on ‘7 Dutches & A Sweet Tea’ she brings that and a lot more.

On the six-track project, BVNGS’s flavour comes off solitary as she is giving a sound of her own. Staying true to a New-York style of cadence and flow, the project starts with ‘From the 99’, a PARTYNEXTDOOR-sampled track mixed along with the rappers fiercely captivating rhymes. I must say this a solid way to start with BVNGS giving us grand opening energy. Ending the song with ‘Give me my beef while I can settle it,’ it is clear that the mood is full of vigour.

On ‘North Pt 1’, the amp is upped with a melodic flow and slick wordplay that leads into a clip of Bishop TD Jakes’s ‘Keep the Faith’ sermon, starting the Hoe$ and Rainbows (Interlude). Like most interludes, this enticing yet short tune keeps listeners wishing the song was longer. The same sweet falsetto vocals BVNGS showed on the project’s debut single Dead Unicorn are heard on this track as well. Showing her range, it is enchanting when she displays her gusty flow on songs like ‘Ice Blue Mink’, but can still switch it up to flaunt high pitched ASMR-like vocals. Closing the project with the New Edition-sampled track ‘Foreca$t,’ BVNGS ends on a sentimental note talking about relationships with lyrics like ‘sunny days ok but who don’t like raindrops?’. This project is a perfect blend of everything you want to hear.

Finally, 7 Dutches & A Sweet Tea is undoubtedly making its way on to my Summer playlist. How about yours? Let us know below.

Written by Manny King John

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