ButchQueen and the Bad Habits’ debut inspired by utter disdain for status quo

ButchQueen and the Bad Habits found inspiration by an utter disdain for the status quo. Championing themes of diversity and individuality, their new album ‘Bare Grits’ is a direct attack on societal norms and expectations.

There’s something about new unconventional groups that make me exceedingly happy. I believe it is all about the mystery, that [one-time] first impression, the rawness and possible imperfection of a debut, and the unprecedented. Think Cardi B. It also shows that no one is perfect; that is okay. Nonetheless, growth will look good on them.

Outside of an annoying and embarrassing issue that took place when I came back from Jamaica in 2016, I haven’t experienced Florida. I’ve been near it, inside of the Miami International Airport, but that’s about it. I shared that to point out that I didn’t have an idea where Lakeland was until researching the band. It’s a far way from Miami, a part of the state that is well-known for its nightlife and culture. It is between Orlando and Tampa; that’s not ‘good’ entertainment wise. It’s like being the middle child. Knowing that detail helped me understand the people and its culture. Did you know ‘Edward Scissorhands’, my favourite movie of all time, was filmed there? According to this website, Edward sharpened his hands at ‘an actual hardware store called the Crowder Brothers.’

I am a former art student, so architecture and anything having to do with art history excite me. I also read that the late-great Frank Lloyd Wright designed college campuses in Lakeland, Florida!

What can you expect from the ButchQueen and the Bad Habits’ first album? Raw lyrics. Speaking their truth about America, doing what they have to do to survive when the odds are against you, and whatever else their hearts desired over monstrous guitars and drums. Coming from a small conservative town, you could probably imagine that they aren’t as popular there.

You will be able to hear the Floridian band’s new debut five-track EP, titled, ‘Bare Grits’ on May 5. It’s an independent release. I can tell that they are fun, in-person. I would love to see them. In the meantime, the visual for the title track is below.

The band members include Fredi X (vocals), D Licious (drums), Nolan Nada (vocals and guitar), Skeebo (bass) and Hell Nada (lead guitars). They plan to play shows throughout Florida and other East Coast engagements. We’ll be on the lookout for those dates.

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