Hear Butch Dawson’s rousing brand of Rap-Rock on his latest ‘Swamp Boy’



Butch Dawson's cover art for 'Swamp Boy'

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Back in September when we met during Fashion Week at the TELFAR show in Manhattan, Baltimore, Maryland-native musician Butch Dawson released an outstanding eight-track project called, ‘Swamp Boy’. From the beginning, he chants about liberating himself and dying one of the greatest of all time (‘Liberation’). How’s that for confidence? Each track takes me back to the cold winters of New York City in the early 00s when I used to trek through the mounds of snow to get to school. To his advantage, I couldn’t say that I have an absolute favourite song because I think all of the music gels well. Every song needs the other. Listen to the masterfully produced and executed project now.