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New Music Fridays: 5 new videos you should know featuring BUHU and Golden Parazyth

Discover five new videos by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

BUHU in 'La Truth'

ASHRR – Sometimes (Submission)

Los Angeles based art collective ASHRR (pronounced Asher) has an interesting new visual for their song ‘Sometimes.’ Band members Steven Davis and Ethan Allen are all about ‘Electronic Art Pop Rock’ as they commingle alternative and Indie rock, Techno, Electronic, Experimental sound and more. In the video, a puppeteer and his matching puppet show up at a house party to carouse with others as they sing about things that happen sometimes. Although the puppet is an unwanted company for some of the party guest, his uncanny cameo matches the darkwave essence of the song. ASHRR are currently in the studio wrapping up their first EP which is set to be released later this Fall. Check out this video and let us know what you think it’s about!

BUHU – La Truth (Submission)

Duo BUHU is really in tune with nature in the video for new track ‘La Truth.’ Band members Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga are green with energy as they parade throughout a forest and mud. Jeremy (who is covered in mud) camouflages himself into the ground while Tiffany flounces in front of lush greenery. As their music is a retrospective of their lives and a reflection, or refraction, of their relationship, it explains why in the latter of the visual you can see the pair canoodling. Love and nature are two things I associate with the rapture of summer, and this synthesizing accord only adds to that pleasant sensation.

Mk.gee – Priorities (Submission)

First of all, this song is already stuck in my head. I’ve had it on repeat and every time I sing along with the on-screen karaoke-style lyrics that are espied across the bottom of the screen. Mk.gee’s pure vocals go on to help the sensational instrumentation. As my eyes follow along with the ever so relatable lyrics, I can’t help but notice all the funky dance moves throughout the scenes. This is a feel-good type of song that gives you that euphoric feeling. Mk.gee’s debut album ‘Pronounced McGee’ is out now so if this song makes you feel a way it’s only right to give the album a listen.

Lost Woods – Cinnamon (Submission)

With a simplistic but soothing approach, Lost Woods has delivered a picturesque visual for Cinnamon. As band members Peter White, Sam Baird, Tom Baird, Miles Sly, Lucas Sly ride bikes in unison, the enthralling acoustic melodies come together to create ocular accordance. The group hailing from Adelaide, Australia are true to Indie and Pop sound, which is exhibited through lovely sting sounds and soft trilling vocals. Not surprisingly, watching the band race through leaf-covered streets on bikes and naming the single ‘Cinnamon’ is serving me Autumn vibes. Let this bracing track find a way on your playlist as we grow closer to the change to a new season.

Golden Parazyth – Forbidden Fruit (Submission)

From time artist have been singing about “forbidden fruit”. Whether it be a real taboo or a metaphor about the forbidden, it’s never anything jejune. For this take on the ‘Forbidden Fruit’, Lithuanian-based Electronic duo Golden Parazyth provide sound that sounds like a dreamy jaunt. With dusky vocals and moving instrumental, this song is chilling. If the regular recording isn’t enough for you, check out the band performing this song live at a radio station!

Written by Manny King John

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