Bryson Tiller’s “T R A P S O U L,” Reviewed

Bryson Tiller, also known as The Louisville Slugger Pen Griffey, may have added a few points to his batting average with some hits from his debut album T R A P S O U L. Alluding away from the baseball puns, this Louisville rookie has definitely made himself known especially with a divine blessing of a co-sign from Drake and Timbaland. With huge co-signs like that, it’s only right that Tiller goes hard and show off and he did that indeed. This album has fourteen tracks and there’s a handful of bangers on this album. Still it’s not bad from this R&B artist.

T R A P S O U L kicks of with the introduction, “Intro (Difference).” This short but good song definitely sets up the overall mood of the album. Throughout this whole album, Tiller’s influences will be displayed and listeners will catch on quickly. Tiller’s style is a culmination of Drake fused together with Chris Brown and fused again with The Weekend. There’s also a bit of Torey Lanez mixed in those fusions. The next few tracks “Let’ Em Know,” “Exchange” and “For However Long” show the fusions of sounds that previously mentioned. The next song that follows up after is the lead single, “Don’t.” For those who don’t know, “Don’t” was the song that put Tiller on the big stage and listeners can hear the Drake-like style within that song.

Tiller is just using his talents to pay homage today’s R&B while making a name for himself. He’s not stealing anyone’s style, but listeners may think differently. He knows how to pick and choose his spots. As stated earlier, there are some bangers on here like “Rambo,” “Nine Ten Fourteen,” and “502 Come Up” and are definitely some hard-hitting, bass knocking jams that are worth checking out. Bryson Tiller definitely has a nice album on his hands. There’s a joint on the album for everybody and it’s worth checking out.

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