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Bryson Tiller shares his struggle with one-sided love on ‘Always Forever’: Stream

One-sided love seems to be the common side effect of most situationships. Bryson Tiller, on his new single ‘Always Forever’, shares the perspective of an individual struggling to accept the pain of falling for someone whose feelings are not mutual. Adding perspective to this pain, familiar to most, the R&B singer-songwriter, sings of a woman who has stolen his heart but is not willing to take the steps to a relationship. He knows her heart is stuck on someone else, someone toxic, which leads to complete confusion as she always goes running back. Bryson Tiller’s performance on the song allowed for listeners to feel and relate the raw emotions that these experiences conjure up. Bryson Tiller continues to provide a consistent sound, a great sound at that. ‘Always Forever’ is nothing short of quality, and will certainly pluck at some heartstrings.

Written by Brandon Wint

His genuine love for music and people drives his passion for writing. Follow Brandon as he leads you to some of the best new artists.