Hear ‘Easily’: A thought-provoking track by British singer Bruno Major

Make time for love.

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Bruno Major
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Bruno Major, a name that makes me think ‘Bruno Mars’ as soon as I see it, belongs to a British recording artist from Northampton. For as long as I’ve been around and into music, British singers and songwriters tell the deepest, most relatable stories with the simplest instrumentation. That idea remains true with ‘Easily’. It is poetic and truthful, a song set out to grip you by the heart, ring you out, and bring you in. Recently in the midst of writing my first book about my relationships, ironically, I met someone special. Initially not thinking about a future with him or anyone else for that matter, now, he is on my mind (more than before).


Of course, I know what it is to work at something. If I didn’t, this article wouldn’t be here. I also know what it is to be loved by someone who knows how to love me. But when you’re in a relationship, sometimes, you don’t want to see an end. You don’t want to see a life without them. Sometimes, you put your all into the person. Becoming fearful of being without them, as if you never were once.

Specifically, Bruno Major sings about saving a relationship. However, this time around, the lyrics speak to me—and people like me who have secretly decided to give up on loving someone again. Until you meet someone who is capable of fulfilling all sides of you, like you do for them. Love, like life, comes at you fast. Listen to Bruno Major’s fourth single release, ‘Easily’. It is unclear if this record is part of a named complete album, extended play, or compilation.

Previous to this release, Bruno Major toured with Lianne La Havas. Major has a residency at Broadway Market’s Kansas Smitty’s in London, where he now resides. It begins on the first of December and ends on the twenty-third of February.

Major’s voice and tone are familiar, particularly reminding me of James Blake, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and D’Angelo, jazzy production considered.

Editor’s Note (November 27, 2016 9:11 AM EST): Disclosure supports the record. Do you need more convincing?

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