Nottingham emcee Bru-C teams up with renowned Birmingham producer Chris Lorenzo for ‘Introspective’: Watch the visual

In these uncertain times, we all need a little shining light and what Bru-C and Chris Lorenzo created with ‘Introspective’ is everything we need to hear and see right now. Making time for yourself and using this time to go inward weighs heavily throughout the lyrical message of this drum and bass track. Creating meaning for yourself as we all feel like prisoners in our own homes. These lyrics evoke strong feelings of the now and entice the listener in an optimistic way.

Drum and Bass can usually lend a heavy hand in the sound of a song but somehow these two were able to create a softer side of DnB with the low tones in comparison to the rich vocals. Listening to this track should be on everyone’s to-do list right now. Spark some inspiration, some insight and some introspection.

Words by Jazzlyn Kirkland

Written by Manny King John

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