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Explore the streets of London in Brotherman’s visual for thought-provoking ‘Cloud Clears’

Since I’ve visited the United Kingdom, I have a better idea of the logistics, culture, and what the artists reference in their music when it comes to London. On April 14, I went to the West End to shop for some clothes. It’s a busy area, sort of like any shopping area in North America. With a fitting sound reminiscent to the cloudy skies and chilled atmosphere, Brotherman weaves thoughtful lyrics, which address married ending in divorce, controlling personal stress, nixing excuses, and more. ‘Cloud Clears’ is a two-in-one as it hopes to act as a warning for life and to be a song you’d listen to more than once. If you haven’t been to London, the visual gives you a sense of a busy area.

The record is from his EP, ‘Huckleberry’, out right now.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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