5@5: A morning playlist featuring Brody B and Miki Fiki

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of The Technicolors, The Chainsmokers, Sarah Rachele, and more.


Photo: Courtesy of the artists

The Technicolors – I’m Not The One (Submission)

Have you ever felt unwanted? Pushed out and forgotten? Well, The Technicolors sing about not being wanted, but still wanting to see that person. Is that one calls unconditional love? We guess, but it isn’t for the weakest of the hearts. Check out the fourth single from their Technitrax Single Series below.

Miki Fiki – Easy (Submission)

If you listen to what men say when they sing about love, you realise that we feel the same way about each other. They tend to go about their love differently, in a compartmentalised manner, but I believe the feeling is the same. So, to hear Nashville, Tennessee-quartet Miki Fiki croon about a lover making something look and sound easy, but it’s not, is a breath of fresh air. We, women, aren’t the only ones who go through this sort of disappointment, or challenges in relationships.

Sara Rachele – Dream, Dream Love (Submission)

Atlanta-bred Country singer-songwriter Sara Rachele has the sort of voice that can put you to sleep or wake you up if she wants to. Her range is different, as she doesn’t need much production behind her to help her tell her story, which is considered to be one in a million these days. Listen to her heartfelt track ‘Dream, Dream Love’ below. It’ll set your Sunday morning up for love, affection, and goodness.

Trvpbeez – Mr Feeny (Submission)

Also hailing from Atlanta, rapper Trvpbeez shares a song named after Boy Meets World character Mr Feeny. Taking a different rap style and production from his previous releases, he jumps on a Trap beat to showcase his versatility and skill. Check out the fun track below.

Brody B – Fast Lane featuring 2 Chainz (Submission)

As easy as people think it is, making a song that a large number of people will like isn’t easy. Once you understand how to appeal to the general public and apply it, over and over, you will become the commercial success you’ve dreamed of being. Brody B, you probably don’t know his name, but the Compton-native knows how to command a crowd with his uptempo, party records. ‘Fast Lane’ featuring 2 Chainz is one of the many offerings to come. It’s no wonder he’s won several GRAMMY awards.

The Chainsmokers – Do You Mean featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Bülow (Submission) (Bonus)

Two of my favourite singers today, Ty Dolla $ign and Bülow, have teamed up with The Chainsmokers for their new record, ‘Do You Mean’. It’s about cherishing someone but losing faith in them. Check out the official subtitled visual below.


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