Dancehall singer Brando Caviir pleads for the community to ‘Rise Up’: Listen

Photo: Twitter

In times of peril and uncertainty, recording artist Brando Caviir aspires to be a guiding light!

Brando Caviir, the singer-rapper of Jamaican descent has emerged from the woodworks with a fresh motivational single entitled ‘Rise Up’. The chorus is power-packed with encouragement as Caviir recites the words:

Rise man a rise up, success a the target, so me aim for the skyyy up… Rise up as me born as a winner, Mommy later me gone for the dinner.

The track was executively produced by Andrew ‘DJ Slow Motion’ Dixon of Motion Vybz Label and beat created by Bepo Beats. As this pandemic progresses, it’s never a bad idea to plug in some inspiration throughout your daily activities and Brando provides just that. Stream ‘Rise Up’ below.

Written by Manny King John

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