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Branchez and Big Wet are with their ‘Squad’ and we’re invited

Watch the official video for Branchez and Big Wet’s new song ‘Squad’ on GRUNGECAKE.

Photo: Courtesy of Branchez
Branchez & Big Wet's 'Squad' cover art
Photo: Courtesy of Branchez

If you’re anything like me, country music may not be a genre you avidly indulge in; you have a few country songs in your library that you enjoy listening to and you listen to here and there, but nothing too serious. On another note, if your anything like me, you enjoy exploring and finding new and peculiar genres of music. With an open ear willing to listen to everything, the possible music discoveries are endless. With new genres come new artist, and with new artist come new music.

Recently, I discovered the genre Trap-Country. Branchez and Big Wet came together for the song ‘My Squad,’ and the Weird Dane directed video released on April 6. Initially, I wasn’t too sure of what I was about to witness, but I realized that this is not the first time the duo have collaborated, so they’re obviously on to something. Changing between a huge cowboy hat and other cool fits, Big Wet is something like a new age country star. Branchez’s look surely doesn’t fit the country narrative, but he helps to counterbalance the vibe. Some time ago, it would be understandable for the term ‘Trap-Country’ to be viewed as satirical and parodic, but Branchez and Big Wet are knocking down that idea.

In the video, the artists and their squad are having a blast. You can see them parading around, looking jovial and in high spirits. All of their friends look as equally excited as them to be there so its #friendshipgoals if I say so myself!

Lyrics like ‘And I’m rollin’ with my squad/ And we don’t try too hard/ One tab when we’re at the bar /Rollin with my squad’ are straight to the point and show the true essence of these group of friends. Wet goes on to show the ardent fondness he has for his friends with ‘We are gettin that green/We be smokin’ them trees/And we shotgun beers/And we conquer our fears/Cuz we’re all best friends/And we hold each other dear/And I give my last meal to anyone from my squad/I got so much love for my squad’.

Wet’s country twain and expressive voice give the perfect combination to the trap-like beat, making you interested and wanting to keep listening. An overall fun song with an even more fun video, I would say that Trap-Country is enjoyable genre and ‘My Squad’ is a song everyone should give a listen.

Watch the video and let us know what you think:

Written by Manny King John

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