#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 12 (Brain Rapp, Butch Dawson)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Brain Rapp, Keea, Butch Dawson, Birdee, and more.

Photo: Butch Dawson's Instagram

Yucky Poor and Mykey Lo – Tootsie Pop Bop (Submission)

With an Electronic beat, fresh bars–and a wavy delivery, Yucky Poor and Mykey Lo create a cool energy. ‘Tootsie Pop Bop’ is a track overflowing with Electro sounds, and lyrics that bounce off the beat. It’s Emo-Rap–touching on emotional mind-states, but projecting them in a manner that forms an exciting vibe. ‘Tootsie Pop Bop’ is an easy, and enjoyable, listen.

Brain Rapp – Bumpin Ride (Submission)

Soulful beats provide the perfect background for Hip-Hop tracks, and ‘Bumpin Ride’ is a prime example of that. Brain Rapp is trying to save his soul and stay grounded. The lyricism is honest, and the lyrical-ability is skilled. The flow is authentic, and the vibe is chilled. If you need a track to brighten your mood, or lighten your load a little–try this one!

Keea – Halftime (Submission)

‘Halftime’ is a California vibe, from Keaa’s ‘Slaps’ EP, packed with fiery bars that will have you shaking your butt. And that’s okay, because that’s exactly what the track wants you to do. As your shoulders start rocking, you’ll be inspired to ‘get the bread, get the bread’–whilst realising that Keea is very talented in creating an experience. ‘Halftime’ is a good time.

Butch Dawson – Feel Nobody (Submission)

Butch Dawson transports listeners out of this world, and further than space with this ‘Feel Nobody’ anthem. Pay attention to every element–the beat that feels like it’s running through your veins, the hard-hitting delivery, and the gems disguised as lyrics. The artist has expressed the feeling, of feeling nobody, in a way that will resonate with many–whilst being pleasant to listen to.

Bry Greatah – Fear None (Submission)

What are you afraid of? Bry Greatah lets us know that he doesn’t ‘Fear None’–and we shouldn’t either. The greatest accomplishments are found in the midst of a risk, and as this track puts you into a hypnotic zone–of musical appreciation. A stirring instrumental and speedy lyrical-delivery add a powerful kick to the track, whilst leading you away from fear. Don’t be afraid–to let ‘Fear None’ move you.

Charmless i – Fire Up (Here We Go) (Submission)

Charmless i uses an energetic flair, to create a party-rocking, festival-vibing, fun track. ‘Fire Up (Here We Go)’ is the track that will have you partying like a rock-star–whilst feeling somewhat invincible. It’s an indie-rock styled track, amped up to the max, in the most subtle way. Sort of like a musical paradox–and that’s why you may just love it!

Birdee – Your Power featuring Stee Downes (Submission)

Bringing the Summer heat with new single ‘Your Power’, is Los Angeles-based Italian producer, Birdee. Feeling groovy, uplifting spirits, and packed with sweet, and soulful, vocals–this track is sure to put a smile on your face if you let it. Ever walked past a store, and stopped to listen to the cool track playing inside? ‘Your Power’ feels like one of those tracks. It grabs your attention.

Kiba – Echoes (Submission)

Feeling like Bali in the morning–incense burning, birds chirping, Ubud streets filled with smiles from beautiful strangers–is ‘Echoes’ by Kiba. The relaxing instrumental has a vast soundscape, which feels like nature in Spring, pure excitement, and high-vibrational energy. The sound is peaceful, with futuristic bass elements. It’s a perfect track to wake up to–whilst giving you an excuse to keep your eyes closed for five more minutes.

MRGR – Sunday’s Best with Hugh Augustine (Submission) (Bonus)

MRGR brings the Californian G-Funk swag to ‘Sunday’s Best’–whilst Los Angeles’ MC Hugh Augustine brings the refreshing lyrics about keeping it real with yourself. The collaboration is fitting, as the powerful beat, and honest words, mesh into one another, creating an effective tune. Music should be felt, as well as heard, and you can really feel the impact of ‘Sunday’s Best’. It feels revitalising.

Figúra – Jazz Love featuring Yancey Boys, Botni Applebum & DJ Daf Tee (Submission) (Bonus)

Figúra gets together with Yancey Boys, Botni Applebum and DJ Daf Tee, to deliver a fresh take on Old-School Hip-Hop. Peaceful vibes are the result of an ethereal beat, and soulful vocals, that bring positivity, and enlightenment, to the track. ‘Jazz Love’ is a single, taken from Figùra’s album dropping in June, that takes you away in its entirety–leaving you with a sense of hope. The sound is fitting to the message–and it’s so nice.

Words by Liss Morales

Written by Manny King John

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