Bowrain’s “Refugee” is tranquility in an audio file (Song premiere)


The world needs calm throughout all of the distractions.



t’s been a rough day; I can smell the tension in the air. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m on edge. Every little thing is bothering me. I can feel myself cursing every driver who is going a mile below the speed limit, wishing it could only be me on the road and all other drivers have to wait until I get where I’m going to leave. After flipping the bird to around six red lights, two old ladies, and a dog, I get home, kiss the kids, then retreat to the room for a moment of reflection and meditation. I immediately turn on music.

There is a soundtrack to every moment of my life. Currently, that track ironically is titled “Refugee” by Bowrain. To me, this song is perfect for my time of reflection. Although the title would suggest differently, the pianos are soothing and trance-like. These days, it seems like we all need to sit back—and chill—and not worry about life for a while.

Listen to Bowrain’s new song below, take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, and relax. The world needs calm throughout all of the distractions.


Photo: Courtesy of artist