Premiere: Bonnie B shares Space Jam-inspired video for ‘Lola Bunny’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Bonnie B
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

You say “sometimes, it takes a woman to do a man’s job”. Share a time you’ve had to do something for a man.

“I actually have a very funny story… I was driving with a nigga through Harlem & he was speeding tryna impress me cause it was our first-time chilling. Mind you, there were drugs in the car. Some undercover cops pulled us over and when they asked us where we were going his story was all fucked up stuttering. They pulled him out the car. I had to butt in and make up a story about me working down the street and how I was super late before they would think about trying to search the car. Got us out of a jam!”

Since the release of her catchy single ‘Finesse’, we’ve been fans of Bonnie B’s style, sound, and grace. Leading a Latin-centric pack—Tan Boys—from a female’s point of view, ahead of the phenomenon of Bronx-native Cardi B, the rapper has cut out a lane of her own. With her brash lyrics that are as sweet as cotton candy and as sharp as a rusty razor blade, Bonnie B keeps it gangster like the guys.

If you didn’t know, Bonnie B artist styles herself. Aside from the two looks she blesses us with, she has on a pair of red shield glasses from her brand called, Empress Eyewear. Wanting to know more about her the significance of the record, we asked what it meant to her.

“When I recorded this track, I was in a space where I felt like my back was against the wall and [I] couldn’t [really] trust nobody,” she said. “I chopped my circle down [really] small since then. A lot of people just want to be around for the clout, so, I gotta look out for myself.”

Now, check out the Space Jams-inspired video for ‘Lola Bunny’, exclusively below.

What’s next for the entertainer? She’s working on a mixtape with Slim Dollars. He’s A&Ring the project. Bonnie B, also referred to as Young Griselda, didn’t share the name of it with us; Here’s why.

“I have two names for the tape… can’t say any titles yet cause bitches will try and steal the sauce!”

In the meantime, we encourage you to purchase or stream ‘The Chronicles of a Gangstress’, out now on all digital streaming platforms.

Written by Manny King John

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