Underground Michigan rapper Bones shares visual for ‘WhiteBoyRick’: Watch

In a short, cinematic masterpiece directed by Darkwave, Bones performs the lyrics to his new track ‘WhiteBoyRick’.

Kicking it off from the parking lot of a drive-in liquor store, a young White man enters a shoppe to rob the store clerk for blunt wraps. In my mind, they aren’t that expensive, but everyone doesn’t have the same struggles. Next, Bones hangs with the elder store clerk, who the thief robbed earlier in the video. Ironically, the clerk tokes a weed cigarette shared with Bones and dances until the end of the video. Perhaps, that is the feeling the thief wanted, to release some pressure through smoking, so he committed a crime. Who knows?

Watch the video to see if you can relate to any of the people in the storyline. If you’re feeling the record, check out his full recent release, ‘InLovingMemory’.

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