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Review: Swedish band The Blue Collar Army share dismal and dark new album ‘NORRLAND’


The Blue Collar Army's cover art for 'NORRLAND'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The Blue Collar Army, a Swedish band, released a dark album last month called, NORRLAND. Based on what the artist description says, ‘After thirty years of bringing joy to the world as a professional Santa Claus, he figured that the world needs grief instead of joy. As detailed as the writing is, I think the album ought to be attached to a film. After all, it is writing itself.

From the beginning of the album (‘Welcome to NORRLAND’), it feels like an alien is descending into a forest in the middle of an overlooked American state. It’s after midnight. The air is crisp. The energy intense; as thick as a cloud that could choke you, possibly, to death. Overall, the sound is consistent. ‘This is KVAD’ is my favourite record from the album. The angst, vocal control, and intensity from the throat of the lead vocalist, The Party Bear, is incredible.

If I would have the pull to get soundtracks together for films that matter, I would keep the Skellefteå, Sweden band in mind. I think what they make is perfect for sync licensing. Stream the craftily-produced eleven-track LP ‘NORRLAND’ below.

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