A Black woman repurposed Diddy’s “Vote or Die” message to amplify the importance of voting

The nameless artist is from Houston, Texas, and identifies as “they/them”.

Photo: Instagram

Update Friday, October 23 (6:13): The nameless artist is from Houston, Texas, and identifies as “they/them/womxn”.

Although the message was originally coined by music mogul Diddy, the group We Vote or Die, initiated this message to mobilize and radicalize the votes of the youth and maximize voter turnout for the upcoming election in November.

The Instagram user @certifiedradical is standing loud and proud in her message about the election and painted the words “Vote or Die” on the Interstate 44 bridge in Houston, Texas. She claims she wanted to revitalize and launch what Diddy did in 2004. Since, the rapper Diddy reposted her work and stood with her.

The slogan was used to put young people at the front of the political movement because “after years of elder power, we now have the opportunity to lead change.”

Check out her artwork, powerful words and message behind the statement below.

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Say you want a revolution? What is @wevoteordie? A grassroots initiative to mobilize and radicalize the youth vote + maximize (nonpartisan-early) voter turnout in the upcoming election. I chose to revitalize the slogan #VoteOrDie (originally coined by @diddy) to amplify the importance of voting, specifically amongst our Gen Z and millennial population. Young people have been on the forefront of political movements for generations and after years of elder-power, we now have the opportunity to lead change. Voting is not the final destination to liberation, but it is the engine of our republic and the foundation for our political system. Vote for your neighbors and friends who face barriers preventing them from casting their own ballot. Vote for the martyrs who lost their lives in hopes of one day being able to vote themselves. Vote for the coming generations who are not yet old enough to participate but deserve the same bright future as the rest of us. Vote for a policy that will benefit Americans who are unable to vote. And vote for those who live in and love this nation, but face legal barriers to having their voices heard. (Any and all of my fellow Houstonians who’d like to volunteer in anyway, please visit the link in my bio and sign up!)

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Written by Manny King John

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