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Recap: The ‘Black Girl Podcast’ celebrate 50th episode with ‘Sip & Listen’ live recording

Recap: The ‘Black Girl Podcast’ celebrate 50th episode with ‘Sip & Listen’ live recording


Photos: Rebekah Oksana Williams for GRUNGECAKE

Yesterday, we joined the ‘Black Girl Podcast’ at Horizon Media for their 50th episode live recording. The event was a sip and listen, with hors d’oeuvres and drinks catered by Dave’s Gourmet Cocktails. As the doors opened, the room quickly filled with fans eagerly awaiting the hosts. A notable guest present was Hot 97 and Apple’s own Ebro Darden. Without much of a wait, marched in the hosts of the ‘Black Girls Podcast’, Bex, Sapphira, Gia Peppers, Scottie Beam and Alysha P.

The ‘Black Girl Podcast’ is a podcast dedicated to Black women, to give a sense community, relatability, identity and for some a source of empowerment. Throughout the night that feeling was evident. They touched on personal struggles some of the hosts faced throughout their journeys, along with their stories of resilience, as well as, touching on topics ranging from Steve Harvey and Mo’Nique’s conversation, money vs. integrity to outrage marketing in fashion, even touching on the recent Jussie Smollett developments.

The floor was opened up for a Q&A segment, which along with the Meet and Greet portion of the night, provided fans with the opportunity to get more personal with the hosts, asking questions and sharing stories of what the podcast had helped through. There was a strong feel of inspiration and empowerment that filled the room, not only for the women, but also for the men who willingly, or maybe unwillingly were present.

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Thank you to Horizon Media for having us! To the hosts of the ‘Black Girl Podcast’ congratulations on this milestone! The ‘Black Girl Podcast’ can be found on the Apple iTunes Podcast app and on SoundCloud.

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