Country rap?: The Big Ditties share lewd video for “Mom Just Quit the Band”

The Big Ditties release visual for ‘momedy’ video: Mom Just Quit the Band.


The Big Ditties
Photo: Courtesy of the artist


e’re unsure what we’re going to receive on any given day, but we look forward to receiving content like The Big Ditties’. Premiered on Funny or Die, the ‘momedy’ is a humorous perspective on motherhood, babysitting, and being a conventional (or traditional) woman in today’s society.

In their new video for “Mom Just Quit the Band,” the Chicago-based female comedy band head to a karaoke party where clowns take cigarette breaks and moms drink adult beverages in the daytime. As ratchet and obnoxious, as one can perceive, the ladies gave the children low scores during their karaoke performances. Then, they took over the kids’ party (like most parents tend to do). Thank goodness. It’s just a music video because performing explicit material, smoking, and grabbing crotches is enough to call Child Protective Services.

Play Big Ditties’ new video below.

To no one’s surprise (because clichés work in entertainment), the fellow mothers began to enjoy themselves. Even the selfie-taking babysitter, dressed in the finest goth garb. I’m not sure how a man in fitted shorts fit into the equation, but he is a grand (uncomfortable) fixture in the video.

In the beginning, the scantily-clad man entered the bedroom to awaken the rebel mom. Toward the end, still undressed, he brings the birthday cake to a table of children.

Again, I know it is just a mockery of a small subculture out there in the world, but I don’t know about you. Do you know any women who sleep in leather jackets? As a child, I wore mine in the house. It was a comfort thing.

The Big Ditties (Tu-PO, Ad-Rik, and DJ K-Heyyy) will perform at Martyrs’ in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, June 12.


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