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Harlem legend Bianca Bonnie and Keanu pair up for their 10-track project ‘Timeless’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artists
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

To start off the New Year, Harlem’s own Bianca Bonnie collaborates with singer Keanu on a ten-track project called, ‘Timeless’. With previous song collaborations such as ‘Starz’ and ‘Blessin’’, fans could gauge the project’s direction. It starts off with a remix of Keanu’s ‘Bad Decisions’, which pretty much sets the tone and gives the opportunity for the project to take on a nature of its own. Both artists perform well throughout the tracks and together, paint the picture of the existence and potential for a transcendent love that goes beyond time.

The vocal performance on these projects was matched by Keanu’s production, as well as, production from Jbat and the group RAGE which helps to add to the ambience of the project. The project also features upcoming artist Jiggy Lauren on the final track. Play Bianca Bonnie & Keanu’s ‘Timeless’ in full below.



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