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Viewer’s Choice: Get to know our ‘Best New Artist’ Sterling Victorian

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When we first asked people to tell us who they thought was dope and should write about, we had no idea the number of responses we would get. Not gonna lie there were a bunch of people posting great artists and some posting what felt like their family member who they thought did good at a talent show one year. But throughout the hundreds of comments, there were some beautiful gems, one being Sterling Victorian. Music that is energetic and fun with dope lyrics and concepts you can tell she isn’t new to the industry. On her website, she is described as if “trap met kundalini yoga at Coachella”, which seemed like a perfect description after listening to her music. Having one of her songs ‘Out My Feelings’ named as one of GQ’s Best Summer Jam of All Time in 2019, she is poised to take on 2020 and beyond. We sat down and asked her some questions about her music, life, and sound to get a more in-depth story of the artist known as Sterling Victorian.

GRUNGECAKE:What has been the most difficult things you’ve come to realize as a new artist working to make a breakthrough in the 10’s? What will change for you in 2020?

Sterling Victorian: You can really only trust yourself and God. No shade to other people. I love working with people and being on a team. Having a team is necessary in this business. I hope to attract a dope one. But at the end of the day, and the start of the day, you need to make sure you have clarity on who you are, and where you are going because you are your cornerstone. You are your own voice of reason, and you are the only one who has your best interest in mind. Truly coming to this realization will help me avoid all fuck shit in 2020. Love people, trust God.

Do you have a team of people who help you with your music career? What have you been able to accomplish with your team? (If you don’t have a team, what have you been able to do by yourself?)

Wow! I set myself up didn’t I?! (Laughing) Well, I can’t turn back now. I would not say I have a “team” at this point. But I do have a tribe. We support one another. We pool resources. We inspire one another to be better. We break bread. We bounce philosophies off one another. They make me better and they are my team. I just feel they are bigger than that word. We have accomplished creating a movement and we are learning to make sure that movement continues despite any obstacles. We are building a character that will become the fiber of our careers.

If you could compare your live performance to a holiday dinner, what would be on the menu and why?

There would be plantains, for sure, and all things like plantains. Plantains are sweet. They are savory. They are good for you, but they are also indulgent. They are all the things. That’s me!

Describe your creative process when writing a song. Do you have certain things you have to do with every song you write?

Wow, my process is so fluid. It can be different each time. The one thing that is necessary is a truth. A true feeling, a true emotion, a true story, I like to build a song on something authentic.

With all of the changes music has had over the years, how do you see your sound evolving over the next few years? Do you think you have found your sound?

Music changing is the most authentic thing music can do. Even music that people call inauthentic is reflecting a truth about the world we live in. I think I have found the confidence to not give a fuck and to make the music, and say the things I want to say, even if they conflict in people’s eyes and ears. My sound is all the things I am inspired by so that’s Rock, Hip-Hop, Emo, Soul, love, pain, sex, oppression, victory—it will continue to grow and expand. I think change is honest. So, my sound is fluid, but it will always be me!

Who are you?

I am an eternal being having a human experience that is steeped in and overflowing with creativity. I’m a lover.

Listen to the ‘Self-Love Project’ below; to see the post that made this feature possible, scroll down or click here to view.


Written by Manny King John

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