Hear “BENG” by Cairo-based producer Hussein Sherbini

Hussein Sherbini’s “BENG” is like a heart monitor, recording the irregular patterns of my beating heart.


y way of Ibrahim Ahmed III, an acclaimed artist and good friend who now resides in Cairo, Egypt, I learned about Hussein Sherbini’s production mastery. We had a conversation on Skype. He told me about his new works, and I did the same. Then, he challenged me to cover Egyptian creatives. One per month is the goal, so I decided to start off small.

“BENG” bangs. It is a hard-hitting standout track from Hussein Sherbini’s recent release, “Electro Chaabi.” If you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for music. So for instance, if you were going to talk about music from North America, it would be referred to as American chaabi. As far as the feelings it evokes, it mirrors evil and darkness, or hope — depending on who you might be. Genre-wise, it seems to have the best parts of Industrial and Trap music. A crossbreed, if you will.

Hussein Sherbini
Photo: Resident Advisor

The native tongue doesn’t matter much here, as a North American, listening and judging. Check out “BENG” now.

If you like what you hear in “BENG,” your follow-up should be “Fayttah.” This record has elements of Rock vocal styles easily found on the ‘Queen of the Damned’ soundtrack. The “OUTRO” is equally amazing too.

If you’re ever in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, look of Hussein Sherbini or link with your promoters to bring him to a city near you. Be fair and be sure to tell him that I sent you.

Read more about Hussei Sherbini

Part of Wetrobots ♥ Bosaina and co-founder of Epic 101 Studios, Hussein Sherbini has been involved in music since the age of 8. Today, Hussein’s work is a combination of sound design and visual art experimentation. Sherbini’s greatly fascinated by sound design and the live element, hence his live shows are always a conceptual journey of sound and light. Following the release of his debut EP Fairchile, Sherbini toured Europe along with the KIK with an audio visual show that followed the EP’s artwork concept. Sherbini is currently working on his upcoming release which will also be coupled with a live visual concept, only this time using a new method similar to holographic projection to complete the show. Sherbini’s main influence comes from loud music with all its forms and Jazz.

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