Listen to BC Kingdom & Mila J’s “Press Start” EP



BC Kingdom and Mila J create magic with the release of their dark, whimsy EP, Press Start. These Los Angeles-based creatives collaborated on a project that leads you to believe this needs to be a full on merge of brands. Songs like D+G, Menagerie, Ninja, and Sad N Blu keeps you drawn into this utopian-apocalyptic space. There’s also an emotional-atmospheric appeal created through production / poise extracted from all six tracks. Mila J introduces universal experimentation in vocal range, while BC Kingdom challenges sound created.

Press Start is bursting global compositions that will expand / translate into varied charts. Both worlds also merge classic monotone / theatric concepts. Sonically, this EP is one to not stop. The storyline flows classic Pop / R&B orientations with space-age / electronic components. The marriage of languages mix dimensional works with passionate admiration. The stars are aligned and I have a feeling there is more sessions in the lab that will be heard soon.


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